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2023 Duke-UNC-TMC
National Case Competition
April 14th, 2023

Welcome to the 2023 Duke-UNC-TMC National Case Competition!


This is the second case competition held jointly by Duke APD Consulting ClubUniversity of North Carolina Graduate Business & Consulting Club, and Consulting Club at Texas Medical Center. Participants will have the opportunity to work on real-world business problems, develop a well-rounded solution, and present it to consultant judges from the top firms. The application of 2023 Duke-UNC-TMC Nation Case Competition will be close on March 19th,  2023.



MARCH 19th, 2023 

This event will provide you with an excellent opportunity to advance your career development:

  1. Outstanding prizes: Win exclusive 1:1 networking opportunities with consultants from 10+ premier firms, premier case prep materials from Management Consulted, RocketBlocks, Peter K and PrepLounge. and a guaranteed first-round consulting interview with Triangle Insights Group

  2. Networking opportunities – panel discussions and networking with professional consultants, current offer-holders, and other candidates from top schools. 

  3. Hone your consulting skills – solve real-world business problems and present to professional consultant judges with direct feedback (both live Q&A and written evaluation)

  4. Friendly to first-time case competition participants – no previous consulting or business experience required. We will organize 3 educational workshops with Management Consulted and Peter K to help you build necessary consulting skills. 


1. Interested in consulting/business. No business background is needed!


2. All graduate students (including master students and professional students), undergraduates, postdocs, and recent graduates are eligible (e.g. PhD, JD, MD, etc.) to apply. Meanwhile, we allow each team to have a maximum of one undergraduate or one MBA.


3.  Students from other universities are welcome to apply! Multi-school/program/ degree teams are welcomed and encouraged.


Case-Solving Experience

Financial Chart

Hone your business analytics skills working on real-world business cases

Collaborations and Networking

Digital Work Life

Work with other smart, driven advanced degree candidates with diverse backgrounds. Meet present and future consultants to build your network

Thorough Feedback

Finance Chart

Learn through the lens of our pool of 30+ consultants from the top firms

Exceptional Prizes


Winners will be awarded:

  1. The First-Round Interview for a full-time position with Triangle Insights Group!

  2. Life-long free access to materials from case prep websites, Management Consulted, RocketBlocks, Peter K and Preplounge.

  3. Private networking/coaching sessions with consultants from top firms.


Each team needs to have 3-5 members

Registration is FREE! No entry fee payment is needed after acceptance.

Please upload a Combined PDF file of a one-page cover letter for the team and business-style resumes (1 page/person) from all team members..


Note: Prior case competition experience is not necessary!


However, we do like each team to answer the following questions in the cover letter

  1. (Required) What makes your team interested in joining the competition? What does you team hope to get out of the competition? (200 words max) 

  2. (Required) Describe the diversity within your own team (different degrees/ programs/backgrounds) and how you think that diversity will help you succeed in this case competition? (200 words max)

  3. (Optional) What value do you believe your team could bring to this competition? Please highlight your specific skills-innovation, collaboration, communication, presentation, case competition experience, consulting-related experience, or business-related experience. (400 words max)


Info Session 1

6:00 pm ET

Case Structure Workshop 6:00 pm ET

Application Open

9:00 am ET

Info Session 2

6:00 pm ET

Case Brainstorm Workshop

6:00 pm ET

Application Close

11:59 pm ET

Ultimate Case Practice Plan Workshop

6:00 pm ET

General Round Acceptance Notification

6:00 pm ET

Case Prompt Release

9:00 am ET

General Round 


11:59 pm ET

Clarifying Question


11:59 pm ET

Semi-final Round Acceptance Notification

6:00 pm ET

Case Competition Day

Schedule TBD

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